Pedestrian Records


What am I hearing here?

Nobody asks me what is on Nightlogue -- so I'll tell you what is on it.

What you hear are all of the sounds that I have created from scratch over the last four years. I began compiling synthesizer sounds, using software synths, back in 2012. At that time, I was mostly working with FM8, and beginning to work at brand-new, never-before-heard patches. I completed most of what went into work on that synth by about 2013, and then released the EP FM.

About a year later, in the summer of 2014, I began thinking about creating another new project. This time, I wanted to incorporate real drums, electric bass, and electric guitar, along with found sounds (like thunder and traffic). I bought a Peavey MikroBass, and I borrowed my dad's SG Custom. However, the found sounds that I recorded using my new Zoom H4n handy recorder didn't end up on the album. (I did record a steel table with my cell phone, which did end up as percussion sounds on Sleepwalker.)

The most difficult thing was to record real drums. It took me until the end of 2014 and into the beginning of 2015 when I was made aware that the local library had a recording studio that I could use. So, I took their orientation and took the live room course, aced it, and was granted access to the room 4 hours three times a week. (I only used the room about five or six times total, each time for a single session, every month or so from February until about June of 2015.)

I had recorded real guitars and vocals before for others' projects, but I had never sampled a bass. I had also never sampled a guitar (that is, I had never chopped up recordings into note-sized bits, and imported them into Kontakt.) That is exactly what I did with the bass and guitar; that's also what happened to all of the drum sounds that I captured at the library.